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Michael J. Alicea, M.S., M.S.W., (Ed.D. Candidate)

Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Social Worker

Registered Intern - State of Florida

Biographical Profile

I have facilitated group therapy in both English and Spanish as a contractual independent consultant to State of Florida court ordered probationary offenders. I also work as a per diem independent consultant Medical Social Worker/Case Manager for Baptist Hospitals Health Network. I currently work at South Miami Hospital’s Social Work and Continuing Care Coordination Department. I facilitate the bereavement and prostrate groups at the hospital. I also have experienced working diabetic groups as well. I have also worked in the Behavioral Medicine component of the hospital, providing case management services, as well as individual therapy for patients’ diagnosis with cancer in the Oncology Department. I have also provided services to Baptist Hospital Home Health Care, integrating general case management and assessment services to "at home" post hospitalized patients; linking them to home health and medical services within the community as well as providing therapeutic interventions that addressed "crisis-like" circumstances that included, but where not limited to patient stabilization, emergency housing and or funding, prescriptions and rehabilitation assistance.

I have and still provide pro bono services as an individual, family and group psychotherapist. I facilitate group therapy and psychoeducational interventions for a number of community mental health clinics in the South Florida area; these facilities have included Switchboard of Miami, Inc., Family Counseling Program of Miami, Charter Behavioral Hospital’s Intensive Outpatient Services (I.O.P.) for recovering substance and alcohol abusers, as well as Columbia Hospital of South Florida. I have held responsible positions and coordinated and developed psychosocials, treatment plans, drug and alcohol screening measures, and coordinated practices used in the clinical treatment of patients. I have and still regularly communicated behavioral measurements, assessment reports and reviews to insurance providers as part of established Quality Assurance (QA) protocol procedures for patients that I am charged to service. I also have compiled and generated reports delineating statistical data on patient improvement, treatment modality, and participation measurements.

I have experience as a therapist and program coordinator for the UniHealth Corporation, and Clinical and Developmental Institute’s Partial Hospitalization Program that targeted the South Florida geriatric patients at Residential Plaza (one of the largest geriatric facility in the State of Florida). In addition to providing clinical services to this specialized population, I was also responsible for marketing and coordinating services with the facility’s administrator at the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) at Residential Plaza. I have designed and created marketing brochures, flyers, newsletters, progress notes, treatment plans, and discharge summary forms that facilitated the program goals, mission and values. I also was responsible for developing program treatment plans, case management, and progress manuals.  

I presently hold the position of Adjunct Faculty Professor for Miami Dade College (formerly Miami-Dade Community College), "KIDS in Divorce" Program, as well as an experienced adult education instructor and past substitute teacher for the Miami Dade County Public School System evening and continuing education program. I have also provided adjunct faculty services to Barry University and Saint Thomas University as well. I have had experience teaching the chronically mentally ill, disabled, and elderly population in Day Treatment settings as well as in Adult Living Facilities (ALF’s) as part of the Miami-Dade County Public School Systems Continuing Education Outreach Program. 

I have held responsible positions with Citrus Health Network, Inc (formerly Northwest Dade Center Inc.). While employed at Northwest Dade Center Inc., I obtained invaluable experiences as a Program Director for a Day Treatment Program for the chronically mentally ill (Fraternidad Program), and I was also a consultant and visiting therapist for a residential treatment facility for expectant mothers recovering from substance abuse (Carianne Center). My responsibilities included supervision, coordination and facilitating the clinical day treatment services, assessments, treatment planning, socialization, substance abuse, and providing psychotherapeutic services. I administered a caseload of eighty-one patients daily, as well as a support staff of eight that included skilled trained therapists, educators, mental health technicians, and a Miami-Dade Adult and Continuing Education Educator. I have experience in private practice as a Individual, Marriage and Family and Group Therapist, as well as having worked in a number of area mental health offices including, COR Counseling Center in Miami, Lifeline Counseling Center in Pembroke Pines and The Coral Gables Counseling Center in Coral Gables and Varona Counseling Services in Hialeah, Florida. 

I obtained my undergraduate education and degree from Miami-Dade College (formerly Miami-Dade Community College), and St. Thomas University of Miami. I obtained an Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology, and an Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. I also obtained a   Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from St. Thomas University, where I also received a Master’s of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with an additional specialization in Human Resource Management. I also completed a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Barry University. I am presently completing my doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University in Sarasota, Florida. 

In the field of therapy, I have obtained practical and theoretical proficiencies in a number of therapeutic and intervention models. I am an experienced crisis intervention counselor and clinician with an ability to be objective, supportive and trusting with people. I am committed to bringing about real and practical results in people’s lives, as well as gaining experience and expertise in therapy.


I am a certified law enforcement officer with twenty-nine years experience. I have experience as a sworn Police Officer for the Miami Police Department, and with the Coral Gables Police Officer (that included law enforcement experience as a Public Safety Police Officer for the University of Miami, Public Safety Department). I have held numerous responsible positions that included Uniformed Patrol, Hostage Negotiations, and Certified Crisis Intervention Team Member, Investigator/Detective and Undercover assignments in the Criminal Investigative Division. I also have worked in other responsible positions in law enforcement that included Community Relations, as well as an Administrative Assistant to various first-line supervisors and commanders. I have also held positions in the Accreditation Section (Utilization Review), Staff Inspections, Planning and Research and was the Grants Manager as well. 

I served as a member of the United States Coast Guard Reserve, Ready Reserve Unit as a Petty Officer Specialist, specialization in Port Security, Communications Operations, and Search and Rescue Support Services. I received an Honorable Discharge from the service after eight years of duty. 

My broad administrative background experience has integrated establishing and implementing organizational policies and procedures, coordinating departmental functions, preparing and managing budgets, monitoring the expenditure of funds, assessing needs and establishing priorities, long range planning, training, scheduling, supervising and evaluating personnel, purchasing equipment and supplies, coordinating demographic studies, conducting financial and administrative studies, and writing grants and proposals. 

I have participated and co-organized numerous conferences, symposiums, developed training, and teaching curriculum, provided individualized instruction, established performance objectives, devised sequential skill-building activities, and evaluated employee performance. I have familiarity in various instructional media, test development, preparation, departmental training and consulting services.


I am bi-lingual with an excellent command of the Spanish language. I have first-hand practical knowledge and experience in dealing with many of the diverse cultures and ethnic groups that are native to the South Florida area.